About Us

Meet The Schoolhouse team and learn more about this beautiful Dallas Historic Landmark below!


The Ladies Behind The Schoolhouse


When most people meet us, within 5 minutes or less they ask, are you two sisters? We laugh, look at each other then turn back and answer no, but maaaannnn does it feel like we really are. We think it’s because we’re both 4 eyed brunettes with skin so pale even Benjamin Moore can’t name it! BUT we like to think it’s because people can sense the bond we have created over the decades. Yup, you heard us, DECADES. We met the first day of 4th grade. Our friendship has survived divorced parents, distance (living in different states), growing pains (teenage years), heartbreaks (bad pancakes), and college. Fast forward to adulthood and we are back in the same city. Yay to Christen for convincing Chancee to move back to Dallas!


We are complete opposites in many ways (if you’ve heard of Briggs-Myers personalities, Chancee is an ENTJ and Christen is an INFJ), but our skill sets are complementary -  Chancee is the people + events guru and Christen loves spreadsheets + finance - so our partnership makes a perfect match to operate an event venue business.

After looking for the perfect venue for THREE YEARS, pure grit, determination, (and maybe fate) led us to meet the incredible owners of The Schoolhouse and we signed our lives away in January 2020….just in time for COVID and the craziest time ever for the wedding + event industry! Fast forward to today and man, what a WILD ride we have been on during our first year in business! We've learned a lot and are so grateful for the events we've hosted so far. We're looking forward to a "normal" year in 2021!

Christen + Chancee

Christen Janik

Briggs-Myers INFJ / Early bird / Loves dogs, spreadsheets, and wine / Sagittarius / Kind / Believer / Planner  / Realist / Traveler


Christen is always forward thinking and hands down is the one with all of the business ideas. We would be sitting on the couch watching Pride and Prejudice or White Chicks for the fiddy leventh time and she would call out business ideas (most Chancee would shoot down lol). Then she said what if we opened a wedding venue? Chancee said now THAT is something she could get down with! 3 days later Christen comes to Chancee with market research and a business plan and we set off to find an event venue!

Christen is a smartee hence the Masters in Finance from Vanderbilt. She has passion and drive in every aspect of her life from behind the scenes opening a business to tiling a bathroom remodel. With an intense love of wine + cheese (who doesn’t?) you may run in to her at a Scardello cheese class on Oak Lawn. Travel takes up the majority of her vacation days with trips spanning from taking in a stunning view atop a mountain in Halstatt, eating a liege waffle w/ strawberry sauce in Brussels, exploring catacombs in Rome, or sea kayaking in King’s Land-----errrr I mean, Dubrovnik. Don’t forget about her first love Chloe! Her beloved mini doxie who has more nick names than you can imagine. She has a huge passion for woman owned businesses and Taylor Swift. Her and her husband, Ben, got married at The Schoolhouse in November :) He's a handy guy and the person behind the gorgeous arches you've seen on our IG page! One of Christen's best qualities is reliability, no matter what is going on you can rely on her when you need her.

Chancee Proctor

Briggs Myers ENTJ / Night owl / Enneagram 8 / Honest / Virgo / Optimist / Traveler / Funny / Quick-witted / Spontaneous

Chancee is the life of the party, quick-witted, and always cracking jokes. She absolutely loves to travel and has been to Iceland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Poland, Croatia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Netherlands, England = 11 countries (her favorite so far is Croatia, home of King’s Landing aka Dubrovnik). She has neeeever met a stranger! In fact on our first trip to Europe she somehow managed to make quick friends with a fellow US traveler and a German couple and we ended up drinking beer with them alllllll day (from 11am to who knows when) at Hofbrauhaus in Munich! Cheers, errrr, I mean Prost! Oh, and did I mention she made Adam freakin Sandler laugh when he sat next to us at a dive restaurant in Santa Fe?! She can strike up an interesting conversation with anyone from any background, which makes her the perfect person to be the face of the venue.

Chancee can learn anything she puts her mind to, from decorating an elaborate unicorn cake for her niece, designing an expert-level charcuterie board, to replacing a car headlight! She loves sweet tea and Chestnut Praline Lattes from Starbucks. Plus she’s a great cook (her specialties are lasagna and Ma’s chicken named after her Grandma, but don’t ask for the recipes – they’re a secret!). Her favorite beer is Coors Banquet and she never ever misses her annual family reunion in Oklahoma.


About The Schoolhouse

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 8.56.48 PM.png

Now a Dallas Historic Landmark, the Eagle Ford School remains as one of the only physical reminders of West Dallas communities and it's a rare almost 100-year old building in a rural setting that has such strong, diverse associations. From 1923-1959 hundreds of students filled the school including the infamous Bonnie Parker of Bonnie and Clyde. It is the only remaining public school still standing in DISD in which students from a workers village or 'company town' attended. In 2019 the school was reopened to the community as a venue space.